Get more efficient and effective with the Global Best HRMS Suite

In the VUCA (Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) business environs of today, managing human capital has become more crucial than ever before. Just as technology and automation has taken over many routine tasks, so too in the field of Human Resources, HRMS portals have begun to increase efficiency and effectiveness of HR processes. Rely no more on Excel to calculate salaries and assign employee numbers, Word documents to create incentive letters - it is all automated, error free and available at the click of a button.

Global Best HRMS Suite

Dynamic businesses call for swift decision making and efficient responses to change. Empower your employees to tackle complex tasks with speed, enthusiasm and efficiency, by making information available at their fingertips. Global Best HRMS Suite is an intuitive and customizable HR solution that can integrate with your existing software to streamline your workplace processes. This comprehensive end-to-end HR software solution is both configurable and highly adaptable, transforming your HR team from being process owners to strategic managers. Free up their minds, and declutter workspaces by using this intelligent work solution to handle routine HR activities, and digitally store information.

Global Best HRMS Suite offers unmatched breadth and depth of functionality to manage your workforce from applicant to retiree. Global Best HRMS Suite is a Web Based Application providing a comprehensive solution for workforce management and offering employees direct access to view and manage their own information. Global Best HRMS Suite is available both in Intranet and Cloud. Data is hosted on the cloud and can be accessed by users via a web browser.

The BIG picture

  • Turn chaos into clarity so your HR team can focus on what matters most
  • Get real time, sophisticated workforce analytics for strategic decision making at the click of a button, error free and information packed to get a better handle on your workforce
  • Hand over the control to employees with a self service portal that can drastically reduce time spent on answering routine questions - give them access to 'their' information
  • Configure and customize the software to meet your unique business needs
  • Ensure data privacy - there are multiple hierarchy level for approvals and can be customised to ensure data privacy
  • 24*7 availability to users. This will also be offered on a mobile platform shortly to allow easier access
  • Gain access to a system for organization wide communication
  • Track employee life cycle, growth and progress
  • Gain scalability to match your organization's growth

While the benefits really are massive savings in time and effort on behalf of your HR team, a bigger benefit you will soon see is in the productivity of the HR team. With routine tasks automated, data and reports easily available, your team now has the mindspace and time to take on bigger better roles in improving employee engagement, morale and productivity.


Bringing industry best practices to your HR functions, Global Best HRMS Suite aids you in utilizing your human resource potential completely. This solution:

  • Increases operational efficiency and productivity of your HR department
  • Reduces HR administrative costs
  • Increases employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Ensures seamless flow of information between employees, supervisors, managers and administrators
  • Improves leadership development and succession
  • Enhances data integrity within the organisation
  • Enables you to meet compliance and audit requirements
  • Enables you to view graphical analysis of data using reports

Why change to Global Best HRMS Suite?

These are the clear benefits you will receive from moving to this HRMS Suite, but don't take us at our word - try for yourself and decide!

1. Comprehensive solution
Our HRMS Suite provides a comprehensive and fully integrated solution to managing your human capital efficiently. Besides the regular process standards and reporting tools that every HRMS offers, ours interfaces with your email to ensure even mail alerts and triggers are automatically sent out. This attention to every little detail is what will ensure that our HRMS frees up your time and makes life and work easier.

2. Increased agility
We bring in the agility to keep pace with changing processes or statutory requirements. Take the reins out of the hands of the IT personnel and put it firmly back where it belongs - in the HR manager's hands. Our software solution is so well tuned, that the HR users can make necessary changes themselves with minimal hassle.

3. Cost benefits
Our comprehensive HRMS Suite covers all aspects of HR function and inter-related functions. You are getting a comprehensive HRMS Suite at a basic HRMS price.

4. Personalized solutions
Although this comes in both Intranet and Cloud, the software is configurable to businesses. You can pick and choose the components you need and customize many others.

5. Responsive support
We back our HRMS with comprehensive customer support, including regular maintenance updates, live technical assistance, and 24X7 access to our online knowledge base.